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Holiday Hot Holders Quilt Pattern | Fun & Done! Quilting Pattern - FLQD220

Holiday Hot Holders are sure to please this coming holiday season! Why the name Holiday Hot Holders and not Holiday Pot Holders? Growing up, my delightful daughter, Catie, said all kinds of things with her own flair. These included hot holders instead of pot holder, callepigger instead of caterpillar and fridgelator instead of refrigerator. There are many more. So, the name is to honor her and the joy she always brings to my life. A little note on that - This drove her older brother Jacob crazy. He talked very early and never said a word wrong. I could see him practice it in his head first. Once he got it right he would say it. They are each amazing in their own right and the joys of my life!

The Holiday Hot Holders pattern uses the Batting Buddy 2-Piece Template Set. The Batting Buddy will give you the best possible results. Let’s get it Fun & Done!