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Dragonfly Dance Quilt Pattern | Fun & Done Quilting | 201

Dragon Fly Dance is a flight of fancy, Dragonfly flight that is. The dragonfly portion of the block is done with a basic applique technique. All skill levels will enjoy creating this quilt. Dragonfly Dance is assembled using a quilt-as-you-go technique.  The Fun & Done Quilting method allows you to complete the quilting as you assemble each block.  Sew the blocks together, and you’re done!  Now that’s fun!

While it is not required, I suggest purchasing Batting Buddy 2-Piece Template Set. It can be found under Templates. The Batting Buddy 2-Piece Template Set makes cutting and assembly so much easier and with great results. The frame portion is used to cut the backing fabric. The inner square portion is used to cut out the batting. Use the frame again to perfectly center the batting in the middle of the backing. I use a walking foot with a 1/4" foot for block construction. Use the stitch-in-the-ditch foot for sewing blocks together and for sewing down the sashing. A zipper foot works okay.

1. On Page 1, Step 2 the triangles should be labeled D & E not C & D.
2. On Page 2 - It mentions that the Dragonfly parts are on page 5. They are actually on page 6.
3. On Page 5 - The templates are the wrong size. To correct, trim 1/4" off the angled edge of triangle and 1/4" off each side  of the square edges by the tip of the tail.
3. Page 8 didn't get printed on some patterns. If you purchased a pattern without a page 8 please contact me and I will either email or snail mail you a copy.
4. The wing pieces on page 8 are not reversed.