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Fairy Lake Quilt Designs

Home of Fun & Done! Quilting

Welcome to the shop

Greetings from the home of Fun & Done! Quilting and the Batting Buddy. If you are familiar with Fun & Done! Quilting you will find all the same patterns you have come to love. If you are new, satisfy your need for speed with this easy quilt-as-you-go technique!

Why is this called Fun & Done! Quilting? When you sew that last seam, your quilt is completely finished. No need to take your finished masterpiece to the long arm quilter. There is no need to hand sew binding. It is all finished: piecing, quilting and binding! What could be better? Nothing!

Take a look around my website. E-mail me with any questions you may have. Sign-up to receive my newsletter. Be sure to check back often to see the exciting changes that will be taking place. I'm happy you stopped by!

If you have purchased a patterns from me that has any errors, PLEASE email me. I will send you the correct instructions. I deeply apologize for the errors. They are corrected as they are discovered. My sincere thanks to those of you that have already let me know about errors. I appreciate it!


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